Tetsuou Ogawa, Potter
Famous Japanese ceramic artist who uses the traditional techniques from the Heian Period and creates one-of-a-kind potteries.
Ogawa Kilns
Ogawa kiln that fires wind, fire, water and soil in firewood kilns surrounded by nature.
Spring, summer, fall and winter
In the spring, he goes into the mountains to find raw materials. During the summer, he refines them. He then creates an art-piece in a firewood kiln in the fall and gathers firewood during the winter.
We cannot live alone
At Ogawa kiln, he makes pottery using the traditional process continuing from ancient times with having respect for various gods.
All of his work is one-of-a-kind. Enjoy his Japanese artwork.
JYOMON Earthenware
By putting them beside you, you will be able to create a sacred space similar to the ones where the people of the Jomon era communicated with the gods.


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Tetsuou Ogawa / Ceramic Artist

Famous Japanese ceramic artist.

Using the same techniques from the Heian period, he is able to create various potteries, mainly artwork and Jomon earthenware.

In the spring, he goes into the mountains to find raw materials. During the summer, he refines clay, ash, glaze and more. He fires the firewood kilns in the fall and cuts wood to make firewood in the winter.

Tetsuo Ogawa performs all pottery-related processes by himself.

Each work has vitality, and the potter’s sacred heart and love are imbued on all living things used as raw materials.

Currently, he holds solo exhibitions several times a year at galleries and department stores throughout Japan.

He is a potter who will not only draw one’s attention in Japan but also all over the world in the near future.

Ogawa kiln

The only Ogawa kiln where you fire soil, water, wind and fire in firewood kilns surrounded by nature.

In the modern years, electric and gas kilns are used for firing, but Ogawa kilns use traditional firewood. Firing with firewood requires a high level of skills since humidity and temperature can change daily.

Potteries are created by talking to the kiln regardless of the time of day or night and using the potter’s exquisite senses.

Ogawa kilns are fired at 1300 ℃ or higher, making them durable and unlikely to break that can last forever if handled with care.

All potteries fired in Ogawa kilns are easily affected by nature as they are finished in the firewood kiln but with Tetsuou Ogawa’s high degree of techniques, the potteries become sophisticated art pieces.

Juro Falls at Mt Byobu, Ena where the water, source of life springs from the Mountain. A waterfall basin illuminated by the moonlight. Water bubbles that are pale and white. Starry skies. Calm the mind, cleanse the body, I begin.
A 'flame' that burns out everything. People have been fascinated by flames since ancient times. Fire has been used for rituals and festivals. Two opposing forces, Destruction and Regeneration. Now the flame of my kiln unleashes a new reincarnation.
Withstanding the hot sunshine for years. Withstanding the wind and rain through the ages. The original 'soil' of the earth that contained all things in the universe. My hands give breath and the rhythm awakens the sleeping soul.


At Ogawa kiln, he makes pottery using thetraditional process continuing from ancient times with having respect forvarious gods.

He not only makes his works with his hands but also with his thorough emotional empathy and imbues his soul into his works.
He experienced Jomon life, and reproduced the clothing, food and shelter of that time for a year. And he learned about the Jomon people’ s emotions and sorrows from his experiences. His works born from this knowledge are sold with confidence.